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In his will, addressed to Metropolitan of Riga and all Latvia Alexander, she wrote:
"In gratitude for the love that I have received from the Russian people, I wish that the last journey I spent Abbot Father Eugene (Rumyantsev) of the Nativity of Christ Cathedral."
Your Via Artmane (Elizabeth).

Via Artmane, Boris Andreyev, Vera Maretskaya
Once upon a time our Soviet cinema was a multinational. It included the Russian cinema, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Latvian, and so on. I shot almost all the studios of our vast country.
Then we had the friendship of peoples. In each country were such actors whom the USSR knew by name, the audience waited for them on the screen, and rejoiced.
Frunzik Mkrtchyan, Borislav Brondukov, Sophiko Chiaureli Stefania Stanyuta Mihai Volontir Lilith Ozolinja ... and many others

Nationality never stopped anyone. Russian spy Ladeynikova in the "off season" played Banionis and noble shepherd Musaib Gatueva in love with Pig - Zeldin. And all firmly believed that the only way this can be Dagestan.
Some are duplicated, and a new voice for ever merged with, the other truly loved for a unique accent, like Frunzik Mkrtchyan or Mihai Volontir.



Real name of the actress - Alida. Her childhood dawned difficult. She was born August 1, 1929 in Latvia, in a village near Tukums (Latvia). Mother - Polka, father - from the Baltic Germans.
His father died four months before her birth. Once pregnant mother went to fetch water from the well. Typing the water, she moved away, and at this time the canopy over the well broke down. Anna called from the house of her husband. He tried to single-handedly raise the canopy and ruptured. A few days later he died. He was 19 years old.
A few years after his death, Anna remarried. However, the new husband appeared rude and drinking. Living with him for a few months, the mother Alida broke down and with a baby gone aimlessly. For a while they wandered in different corners. Anna rotten at the rich peasants, and Alida all day was left to itself. Toys she had, and she masters themselves puppets of flowers. Her best friend was a cow. In 10 years, my mother gave Alida in the cowherd. Five years she worked as a shepherd.

A dream come true

Little schoolgirl Latvian Alida wanted to become a lawyer: "To punish evil people and to justify the good." But even more it fascinated the world of theater and cinema - there were magic, beauty, justice triumphed.
Despite the fact that his mother was against it, Alida enrolled in drama school at the Art Academic Theater. Rainis.Here she changed her name to something more sonorous - Wii. Beautiful and talented student is particularly singled out the founder of the famous troupe Edward Smiļģis. "He raised us in artistic autonomy, the ability to think on the stage" - recalls Via Artmane. In 1949, she became an actress Theatre named after Rainis.


In 1949, she graduated from the Wii studio and she joined the Academic Art Theater. Rainis (1989 Daile Theatre).
Most interesting role she played in the days Smiļģis and under his leadership. At the beginning of acting the way it has established itself as an actress of the classical repertoire. Played Juliet ("Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, 1953), Elizabeth ("Elizabeth of England" F. Bruckner, 1980), and others., Created images of lyrical, full of inner purity and strength in plays Latvian playwrights. But the Wii really wanted to play the role of modern women with these dramatic experiences, disappointments and highs. She was lucky in the movies ...


Artmane debuted in 1956 in the movie "After the storm". But the real star of the All-Union scale Latvian actress made ​​the film "Native Blood", in which she starred with Yevgeny Matveyev. In this melodrama, which has become a favorite picture of all the peoples of the USSR, the heroine named Sonia - paromschitsa, the mother of several children - was feminine, sincere, authentic life. Concise and restrained Via Artmane able to express complex fusion of the senses, subtle shades of sentiment of this simple woman.
Then there was a role in a landmark film for the Lithuanian cinema - "Nobody wanted to die" (1966). In 1966, another success - love drama "Edgar and Christina." These works did Artmane favorite actress of millions of people, she wrote a letter, referring both to a loved one. In Soviet times, the homeland of the People's Artist of the USSR Vey Artmane called the proud name of "Mother Latvia".
One of the most prominent roles - Julie in love teleromane "Theatre" (1978). Vija Aotmane: "Julia is close to all. Such woman every man would like to have around. Though she wretch, wretch but charming. But above all, Julia - a very honest with themselves, their shortcomings, and therein lies its charm. It honestly examines himself, his antics, novels, while it is very sophisticated and, I think, vulnerable. It is attractive because it is honest. God forbid any woman be so honest. "

Family life

Unfortunately, unlike theater, family life Artmane was not happy.
Vija Frantsevna says: "My husband - we played with him in a theater - was very jealous. 'Cause that was very sinful, among other things. Even before me. I was for many years his junior. He was not about what I wanted to and whom I would like to have around, but I resigned. Yeah ... Fate I generally failed. completely happy But I myself have never felt. Perhaps because of good female happiness I have ever had. I was not spared . Besides mom. A man was not there. Was actor. father of my children. But beloved, gentle man next to me was not. I can say this quite frankly. God will forgive. "
Today Via Artmane would have turned 85 shortly before her 70th birthday she took Orthodoxy, taking the baptismal name of Elizabeth in honor of the Grand Duchess, Great Elizabeth Feodorovna. This act was deliberate and desirable.

Recent years have been for the Wii is very heavy. After the collapse of the USSR "Mother Latvia" as it was called at home, suddenly just turned into a "not their star," and our - forgive Soviet viewers love her and could not.

Life after the collapse of the USSR

In her own words, Artmane painfully experienced the gap between Latvia and Russia. "Latvia is small for me, I do not have enough space, I'm not used so narrowly live. Communicating with Russian I changed. At Russian outdoor shower, a unique perception of the man. Latvians others. Russian is very close to me, a few years ago, I even accepted Orthodoxy" .
After the collapse of the USSR Via Artmane was persecuted in the nationalist Latvia. She was persecuted for what she allowed herself to act in a film on the Russian prose. It was about the movie "The Man Formation" (1987) based on the novel by Vladimir Makanina, beautiful young movie - then - director Andris Rosenberg. The role of the powerful secretary, played Vija Artmane corresponds exactly to the descriptions in the primary source from which the glory went Makanina.
In addition, Artmane remembered that she was a candidate for the Communist Party of Latvia. She criticized the fact that now she does not participate in the political life of the country. In short, the purposeful persecution. For his mother's son stood by writing an article in the newspaper "Worth Via Artmane?" Raised a huge noise, called recover.
In 1993, as a result of neonatsionalizatsii Artmane away from her home, where she lived for over forty years, passing his descendant of the former owner. Only to the seventieth birthday, she was finally granted an apartment in the city center. Of course, all this could not affect the health. Over the past three years, she suffered two strokes and a heart attack.
However, the Wii Artmanene left Latvia, although the proposals to move to Moscow was. Artmane with the words, she was always proud that she was a Latvian.
After working for 50 years at the Latvian Art Theater, Artmane left it by clicking run in Riga Youth Theatre. There is, after a long creative inactivity, finally played in the play "The Queen of Spades." According to her, she returned to the youth. The play was a great success.
Hartmann: "I left the Art Theatre, remaining with people on very good terms. Just realized that there is nothing to wait for me. Bolshoi, everyone needs a cast, put a lot of performances, but no one - to use me! And I vse did something else that I can. I decided it was time to change something.'m glad that I was not mistaken: Hermanis really talented director. He found a very interesting solution, "Queen of Spades", which may seem to some unexpected. "

Place at the Riga Rainis Cemetery Via Artmane not found. Officials did not even bother to express condolences to the family, not to mention the parting.
Rigans Thousands came that day to say goodbye to her .
Yet testament Wii vypolnili.Otpeval Vey in Riga Nativity of Christ Cathedral by the head of the Orthodox Church of Latvia Bishop Alexander.

Our actress was buried in Riga Russian Pokrovsky cemetery.
"All of our us ..." - as they say, dying, her character from "First Blood".

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