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Alla Pugacheva spouse, ex-KVNschiki, host of "Relish" and others

Maxim Galkin

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 6.2 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 21
Career: parody singer, TV presenter, husband of Alla Pugacheva. Show the public more than 100 parodies of politicians, singers, actors, and writers. Hit song "This Love", "Whether or not to be."
Joke: In Ukrainian TV broadcast in May 2008 showed Galkin concert, where he joked: "Once you crest, then eat their dumplings and do not think about the land." At the initiative of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine jokes sent for examination.
Honours: Order of Friendship (2006), the Order of Merit of Kuzbass (2013).
Quote: "I recently was in St. Petersburg and went to the Hermitage ... All filmed me on tablets, phones. Like sharks, cut circles around me. If I'd let me shoot all those who wanted, tore would workday Hermitage! "(" Komsomolskaya Pravda ", 2012).

Semen Slepakov

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 3.5 million
Rank celebrities - 29
Quote: "I am not a man of the Comedy Club. I'm just a long time friends with the guys I work, we have many joint projects with Garik Martirosyan. I consider myself a rather special guest Comedy Club. Just have I had such an outlet - a song to sing. And since I am not an artist, I am always a little dumb »(Cosmopolitan, 2011).
Career: Former captain of KVN "The team of Pyatigorsk" (2000-2006), who in 2004 won the final of the Major League. In 2006 he co-produced sketchkoma "Our Russia» on channel TNT.Producer of TV series "Univer", "Interns", "Univer. New Alphabet 'all go on TNT. Acts as a songwriter with humorous songs.


The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 3.3 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 32
Quote: "When a person is seriously argues that the company has been successfully operating on the market for five years, working with a team of her unique and mass of successful projects - it raspilochnaya Kremlin money becomes ridiculous" (RBC, 2013)
Business partner and co-owner of an information holding "apostle", co-owner of the restaurant of Georgian cuisine "Tinatin".
Advertising: Cosmetics Oriflame.
Achievements: Honoured Journalist of the Chechen Republic (2013), Taffy-2006 in the nomination "The best talk show host."
Career: since February 2013 along with Margarita Simonyan is a political talk show "Iron Lady" on NTV.

Ivan Urgant

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 2.7 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 19
Event: In 2013, due to a conflict between the "First Channel" and the producer of the show "Prozhektorperiskhilton" company Comedy Club Production Transfer taken off the air.
Business: Together with producer Alexander Tsekalo owns a restaurant «The Garden."
Achievements: Laureate Taffy (2007, 2008, 2010).
Hobbies: Car SUV - Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, Porsche Cayenne.
Quote: "You can not do programming, which not only tired audience, but also the creators ... Exactly at the moment when we realize that all tired, we will close the show. And not simply close and bury, burn and bury the ashes in a jar from under the green peas on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. " (Magazine "" 2013)

Pavel Volya

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 2.4 million
Rank celebrities - 33
Career: In the early 2000s, was the captain of the Penza KVN team "Valeon Dasson", worked as a DJ at a local "Russian radio". Voiced Masyanya to show "Visiting Masjani" to "Moose TV".Since 2005 - in the Comedy Club. Leads Comedy Battle. As a DJ since 2010, hosted the show on KaZantip, Winston Freedom Music, Sochi Winter Music Conference.
Business: Owner record label Nopassport.
Advertising: Crackers "Hrusteam."
Quote: "When you become an adult humor and elects its path, have to develop on their own or with the help of comedians, professional or semi-professional" ("Atmosphere", 2013).

Michael Galustjan

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 1.9 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 40
Career: Played in a team of KVN "Burnt by the Sun" (Sochi). In the Premier League team spent four seasons in 2003 and became the champion. In 2006, at the invitation of Garik Martirosyan becomes a permanent member of the project "Our Russia», in this sketchkoma starred in six roles. Played in the films "Best Film" and "Mamma Mia!" (2008), "Nasha Russia. Eggs of Destiny "(2010). Produced three films - "The Nanny", "Anyone else Carlson" and "Ticket to Vegas».
Quote: "The time will come when people burn out from it all and tell us:" Give us a serious picture. " And we immediately as a litmus test, we begin to react and adapt to the market "(" », 2012).

Ksenia Sobchak

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 1.4 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 7
Quote: "I do not know what will happen in 10 years. Maybe, I do not get bored, I go to India and I will live in the ashram. While no such desire »(Forbes, 2012).
Family: Daughter of former Senator Lyudmila Narusova and the first mayor of Saint Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak (died in 2000). The first in February 2013 she married actor Maxim Vitorgan.
Advertising: Bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems", the insurance company Allianz, diet pills XL-S Medical.
Business co-owner of the restaurant "Tverbul" and cafe "bagel".

Andrei Malakhov

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 1.3 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 28
Quote: "My main mistake in his youth - is the absolute priority of spiritual development. Today's society pays a lot of attention to what you look like "(magazine OK !, 2012).
Career: Senior frank show about the life of ordinary people in the "Channel" - "Big Wash" (2001-2004), "Let them talk." The chip of 2013 - Live announce the results of genetic examination to establish paternity heroes gears.
Detail: The Godfather children Philip Kirkorov Alla Victoria and Martin.


Needless to say, it is not necessary to specify who the king of rock and roll, and all so aware of this. Now fans of Elvis Presley had a chance to live the life of their idol in his mansion, located in Beverly Hills. The house where he lived with his wife Priscilla had recently been put up for sale for $ 12.9 million. Until recently, it was leased for $ 25,000 per month.
Elvis mansion
House in the French style in an area of 1500 square meters is located on a private plot of 1.18 acres with panoramic views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. House with four bedrooms and 5 baths was built in 1958 and recently renovated. There is a new kitchen, living room with fireplace, laundry room, media, office, and a new large bathroom. Of course, there were pools, panoramic windows from floor to ceiling glass walls in every room. In addition, a large attached garage for four cars. Before you buy this house, Elvis and Priscilla first rented it, and officially acquired only in 1967. The property was sold in 1973, after the couple divorced.Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, at the age of 42 years.According to the official cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia. But later, a version that is a trick to hide the true cause of death of the king of rock and roll to cover the real cause of death. And it turned out to be a cocktail of ten drugs in doses that are not prescribed to any doctor. In the 35 anniversary of the death of Elvis at the manor gathered over 75,000 fans who spent the night here by candlelight. They were joined by Priscilla and daughter Lisa Marie.
mansion of Elvis Presley


Senators, congressmen, governors and presidents ... These people, too, are their secrets, sometimes they change the legal wife ... But in their case the secret becomes clear, the consequences are usually very sad. Although, not always ...

1. Left: Speaker John Boehner (left) greets officer Chris Lee and his family at the swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol January 5, 2010. His wife Michelle holds the Bible, and his son Jonathan stands nearby. Lee resigned on February 9 after the network has Lee shirtless photo he sent a woman with whom he met on the network Craigslist. Website published a few emails with this woman. (AP, Gawker)
Sex scandals with officials
2. After AWOL for seven days, the governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford admitted June 24, 2009, that flew to Argentina to meet with a woman.Married with four children politician familiar with this woman for eight years. "The fact that I did - wrong. Point. " (Davis Turner / Getty Images)
Sex scandals with officials
3. June 16, 2009, Senator John Ensign announced his communication with a colleague, who was then one of his "right hand". Senator recognized for after spouse women threatened to blackmail him. (Isaac Brekken / AP)
Sex scandals with officials
4. Bob Woodruff interviews John Edwards August 8, 2008 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Former North Carolina Senator and candidate for vice-president of the Democratic Party in 2004, admitted channel ABC News, that he lied about the relationship with the 42-year-old Riell Hunter. At the time, he denied paternity of the child Hunter, but January 21, 2009, he stated that he really is the father of Francis Quinn Hunter. (ABC News via AP)
Sex scandals with officials
5. The Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silde Wall Spitzer's office in New York apologizes for "personal problems" March 10, 2008. «New York Times» speculated about his relations with prostitutes. Spitzer resigned in the same week. (Shannon Stapleton / Reuters)
Sex scandals with officials
6. Senator Larry Craig of Idaho was charged with disorderly conduct after his arrest in June 2007 at the airport in Minneapolis. A police officer in civilian reported that Craig made obscene gestures, expressing his desire to have sex. Craig appealed. He insisted that his actions were misunderstood, and that he is not gay. He said he pleaded guilty only to resolve the matter "quietly." (Troy Maben / AP)
Sex scandals with officials
7. Senator David Vitter admitted that in July 2007, called the escort services. Recognition came after the magazine «Hustler» said the senator's phone number was associated with the service. (J. Scott Applewhite / AP)
Sex scandals with officials
8. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa with Mirtaloy Salinas, who then worked as a reporter on the TV channel «Telemundo 52", in June 2006. Villaraigosa later admitted that he was in a loving relationship with Salinas. (Robert Durell / EPA)
Sex scandals with officials
9. Officer Mark Foley abruptly resigned in September 2006 after reports that he was sending sms adolescent sexual content. Scandal with Foley helped Democrats take control of the House of Representatives in November 2006. (Lawrence Jackson / AP)
Sex scandals with officials
Dina Matos McGreevey 10. beside her husband Governor James McGreevey during his resignation announcement at a press conference, 2004 in Trenton, New Jersey. McGreevey acknowledged that he was homosexual, and that he had a relationship with another man - Golan Sipelom (pictured right). McGreevey later wrote an autobiography "Recognition". Dina Matos McGreevey And wrote the book "Silent Partner" of their married life. (AP photos)
Sex scandals with officials
11. Republican Jack Ryan withdrew from the race for the Senate seat in 2004, when his wife - actress Jerry Lynn Ryan - filed for divorce, claiming that he brought her to the "country clubs" and asked to have sex in front of other people. Ryan denied it, although it is recognized that they may walk in the avant-garde club in Paris, where they were both at ease. The main opponent of Ryan -  Barack Obama  - easily won a seat in the Senate for Illinois. (Stephen J. Carrera / ASSOCIATED PRESS)
Sex scandals with officials
12. Officer Bob Livingston was to become Speaker of the Parliament in 1998, but he had problems with his wife. He resigned from Congress after a couple of months. (Khue Bui / AP file)
Sex scandals with officials
13. President Bill Clinton denied under oath and in all his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, but in the end only aggravated the situation. He was accused of impeachment, and then acquitted in 1999. (APTV file)
Sex scandals with officials
14. Senator Bob Packwood resigned in 1995 after allegations of sexual harassment by 17 female employees and colleagues, forcing lobbyists to find a job of his ex-wife, as well as to amend the diaries that prevented conduct of the investigation. (Nathaniel Harari / Congressional Quarterly / Getty Im)
Sex scandals with officials
15. Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank, in 1989, confirmed that his Washington apartment was used as a den of male prostitutes on-call within a half year before the end of 1987. As a lover of boys Barney used his apartment as a platform guys are challenged to earn a little money side. Barney went to prison and lost his seat in Congress, winning re-election soon. (Terry Ashe / Time Life Pictures - Getty Image)
Sex scandals with officials
16. Senator Gary Hart was the first candidate to win a democratic election in 1988, but then the edition «Miami Herald» stated that he spent night with a woman when his wife was out of town. Originally Hart denied everything. But sexual relationship with Donna Rice, which is then seen sitting on his lap on the yacht «Monkey Business», sank his campaign. (Steve Liss / Time Life Pictures via Getty Ima)
Sex scandals with officials
17. Officer Dan Crane (left) weeps at a press conference in 1983. Crane asked forgiveness for his family relationship with 17-year-old girl. Gerry Studds (right) at the doorsteps of the Capitol, which was also accused of sexual relationship with a teenager. (AP file photos)
Sex scandals with officials
18. Officer Wilbur D. Mills with an exotic dancer (stripper) Fann Fox. Mills was in the center of a scandal in 1974, when police in Washington stopped his car because he did not include lights. Although Mills was not driving, he was drunk, and Fox jumped out of the car right in the pond is near at the Jefferson Memorial. This episode has destroyed careers Mills. (AP file)

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How and when? - Explicit recognition of celebrities on farewell to innocence. Celebrities coming on the show The Viev, where shared details of the first sexual experience.

Actress Lisa Kudrow (Lisa Kudrow), the most famous of which was the movies of the series "Friends", admitted that she lost her virginity only after marriage in 1995. At that time she was 32 years old.

Model Adriana Lima (Adriana Lima), as not being a supporter of intimate relationships before marriage, became a woman only 27 years old when she married.

Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson) kept her a virgin until 22 years until she married pop singer and actor Nick Lachey (Nick Lachey).

American supermodel and actress Brooke Shields (Brooke Shields) also broke up with her maiden honor at 22 years.

Musician Kevin Jonas (Kevin Jonas) - one of the "Jonas Brothers" - said that his first sexual experience was during the wedding night with his wife Danielle, aged 22 years.

Actor Matthew Morrison (Matthew Morrison), made famous by the TV series "Choir / Glee», admitted that he was a man of 21 years, associated with the Christian group at New York University.

And Fergie (Fergie) entered into their first sexual intercourse at 18.

Actress Megan Fox (Megan Fox) succumbed to the temptation to 17 years.

Child star of the saga of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe (Daniel Radcliffe), said goodbye to my childhood in the age of 16, with a girlfriend older than him.

Sienna Miller (Sienna Miller) has also become an adult at 16.

Actor Matthew McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey) said goodbye to childhood at age 15.

Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) gave someone her virginity to a 15.

Singer Britney Spears (Britney Spears) entered into their first sexual relations still in high school, at age 14, with the player - this her mom Lynn recounted in his memoirs.

A model and reality TV star Chloe Kardashian (Khloe Kardashian) she told the audience that lost her virginity at age 14 with an adult male. Moreover, the show «The View» star shared that feeling was not a pleasant one: "I had to listen to their parents. Do not let anyone pressure you. It's not worth it. And then you feel disgusting. "

Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) has lost virginity at age 14 with a school friend.

Matthew Fox (Matthew Fox), the star of the series "Lost", told the magazine «Playboy», that his first sexual experience took place in 14 years, with a friend: "It was absolutely terrible and awkward."

American rapper Lil Wayne (Lil Wayne) also lost their virginity at 14.

Kelly Osbourne (Kelly Osbourne) was a woman in 13 years.

At the same time - 13 years - had his first sexual experience, Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) - a fan of his music group «The Flame».

And frontman «Red Hot Chili Peppers», Anthony Kiedis (Anthony Kiedis), they lost their virginity at 12 with a friend of his father. 

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