Monday, September 1, 2014


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Legendary and undefeated Terminator soon again on our screens. Steel Schwarze negger already happily giving an interview about the upcoming «Terminator: Genesis». Few believed that the Terminator will be back, and even more so by Arnold. But it happened. The fifth part of the plan to be the most intense and unpredictable, and the heroes of films again preparing to perform its regular, global mission on earth. 
Do not miss it! At the end of August 2014 the long-awaited premiere of this summer's "City grehov2: a woman for the sake of which there is a kill." See this movie will be in theaters or on Here you can watch the movie "City grehov2: woman is worth killing for the sake of" online.
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Directed by film "Terminator 5" did not focus only on the classic confrontation between humans and robots, but also on the episodic scenes associated with traveling cyborgs along the corridor of time.
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In the fifth part of the "Terminator" will appear different ages, improved types of robots, made with the help of innovative computer technology. Everyone knows that the Terminator - is just a soulless machine, programmed for a specific set of actions. But what will happen to the aged Terminator this time? How will this legendary, everyone's favorite story? Otgremit whether in the office, "Terminator 5"?

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