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Alla Pugacheva spouse, ex-KVNschiki, host of "Relish" and others

Maxim Galkin

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 6.2 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 21
Career: parody singer, TV presenter, husband of Alla Pugacheva. Show the public more than 100 parodies of politicians, singers, actors, and writers. Hit song "This Love", "Whether or not to be."
Joke: In Ukrainian TV broadcast in May 2008 showed Galkin concert, where he joked: "Once you crest, then eat their dumplings and do not think about the land." At the initiative of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine jokes sent for examination.
Honours: Order of Friendship (2006), the Order of Merit of Kuzbass (2013).
Quote: "I recently was in St. Petersburg and went to the Hermitage ... All filmed me on tablets, phones. Like sharks, cut circles around me. If I'd let me shoot all those who wanted, tore would workday Hermitage! "(" Komsomolskaya Pravda ", 2012).

Semen Slepakov

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 3.5 million
Rank celebrities - 29
Quote: "I am not a man of the Comedy Club. I'm just a long time friends with the guys I work, we have many joint projects with Garik Martirosyan. I consider myself a rather special guest Comedy Club. Just have I had such an outlet - a song to sing. And since I am not an artist, I am always a little dumb »(Cosmopolitan, 2011).
Career: Former captain of KVN "The team of Pyatigorsk" (2000-2006), who in 2004 won the final of the Major League. In 2006 he co-produced sketchkoma "Our Russia» on channel TNT.Producer of TV series "Univer", "Interns", "Univer. New Alphabet 'all go on TNT. Acts as a songwriter with humorous songs.


The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 3.3 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 32
Quote: "When a person is seriously argues that the company has been successfully operating on the market for five years, working with a team of her unique and mass of successful projects - it raspilochnaya Kremlin money becomes ridiculous" (RBC, 2013)
Business partner and co-owner of an information holding "apostle", co-owner of the restaurant of Georgian cuisine "Tinatin".
Advertising: Cosmetics Oriflame.
Achievements: Honoured Journalist of the Chechen Republic (2013), Taffy-2006 in the nomination "The best talk show host."
Career: since February 2013 along with Margarita Simonyan is a political talk show "Iron Lady" on NTV.

Ivan Urgant

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 2.7 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 19
Event: In 2013, due to a conflict between the "First Channel" and the producer of the show "Prozhektorperiskhilton" company Comedy Club Production Transfer taken off the air.
Business: Together with producer Alexander Tsekalo owns a restaurant «The Garden."
Achievements: Laureate Taffy (2007, 2008, 2010).
Hobbies: Car SUV - Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, Porsche Cayenne.
Quote: "You can not do programming, which not only tired audience, but also the creators ... Exactly at the moment when we realize that all tired, we will close the show. And not simply close and bury, burn and bury the ashes in a jar from under the green peas on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. " (Magazine "" 2013)

Pavel Volya

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 2.4 million
Rank celebrities - 33
Career: In the early 2000s, was the captain of the Penza KVN team "Valeon Dasson", worked as a DJ at a local "Russian radio". Voiced Masyanya to show "Visiting Masjani" to "Moose TV".Since 2005 - in the Comedy Club. Leads Comedy Battle. As a DJ since 2010, hosted the show on KaZantip, Winston Freedom Music, Sochi Winter Music Conference.
Business: Owner record label Nopassport.
Advertising: Crackers "Hrusteam."
Quote: "When you become an adult humor and elects its path, have to develop on their own or with the help of comedians, professional or semi-professional" ("Atmosphere", 2013).

Michael Galustjan

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 1.9 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 40
Career: Played in a team of KVN "Burnt by the Sun" (Sochi). In the Premier League team spent four seasons in 2003 and became the champion. In 2006, at the invitation of Garik Martirosyan becomes a permanent member of the project "Our Russia», in this sketchkoma starred in six roles. Played in the films "Best Film" and "Mamma Mia!" (2008), "Nasha Russia. Eggs of Destiny "(2010). Produced three films - "The Nanny", "Anyone else Carlson" and "Ticket to Vegas».
Quote: "The time will come when people burn out from it all and tell us:" Give us a serious picture. " And we immediately as a litmus test, we begin to react and adapt to the market "(" », 2012).

Ksenia Sobchak

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 1.4 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 7
Quote: "I do not know what will happen in 10 years. Maybe, I do not get bored, I go to India and I will live in the ashram. While no such desire »(Forbes, 2012).
Family: Daughter of former Senator Lyudmila Narusova and the first mayor of Saint Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak (died in 2000). The first in February 2013 she married actor Maxim Vitorgan.
Advertising: Bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems", the insurance company Allianz, diet pills XL-S Medical.
Business co-owner of the restaurant "Tverbul" and cafe "bagel".

Andrei Malakhov

The highest paid TV star - 2013
Income of $ 1.3 million
Rank celebrities Forbes - 28
Quote: "My main mistake in his youth - is the absolute priority of spiritual development. Today's society pays a lot of attention to what you look like "(magazine OK !, 2012).
Career: Senior frank show about the life of ordinary people in the "Channel" - "Big Wash" (2001-2004), "Let them talk." The chip of 2013 - Live announce the results of genetic examination to establish paternity heroes gears.
Detail: The Godfather children Philip Kirkorov Alla Victoria and Martin.

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