Saturday, October 4, 2014


How and when? - Explicit recognition of celebrities on farewell to innocence. Celebrities coming on the show The Viev, where shared details of the first sexual experience.

Actress Lisa Kudrow (Lisa Kudrow), the most famous of which was the movies of the series "Friends", admitted that she lost her virginity only after marriage in 1995. At that time she was 32 years old.

Model Adriana Lima (Adriana Lima), as not being a supporter of intimate relationships before marriage, became a woman only 27 years old when she married.

Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson) kept her a virgin until 22 years until she married pop singer and actor Nick Lachey (Nick Lachey).

American supermodel and actress Brooke Shields (Brooke Shields) also broke up with her maiden honor at 22 years.

Musician Kevin Jonas (Kevin Jonas) - one of the "Jonas Brothers" - said that his first sexual experience was during the wedding night with his wife Danielle, aged 22 years.

Actor Matthew Morrison (Matthew Morrison), made famous by the TV series "Choir / Glee», admitted that he was a man of 21 years, associated with the Christian group at New York University.

And Fergie (Fergie) entered into their first sexual intercourse at 18.

Actress Megan Fox (Megan Fox) succumbed to the temptation to 17 years.

Child star of the saga of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe (Daniel Radcliffe), said goodbye to my childhood in the age of 16, with a girlfriend older than him.

Sienna Miller (Sienna Miller) has also become an adult at 16.

Actor Matthew McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey) said goodbye to childhood at age 15.

Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) gave someone her virginity to a 15.

Singer Britney Spears (Britney Spears) entered into their first sexual relations still in high school, at age 14, with the player - this her mom Lynn recounted in his memoirs.

A model and reality TV star Chloe Kardashian (Khloe Kardashian) she told the audience that lost her virginity at age 14 with an adult male. Moreover, the show «The View» star shared that feeling was not a pleasant one: "I had to listen to their parents. Do not let anyone pressure you. It's not worth it. And then you feel disgusting. "

Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) has lost virginity at age 14 with a school friend.

Matthew Fox (Matthew Fox), the star of the series "Lost", told the magazine «Playboy», that his first sexual experience took place in 14 years, with a friend: "It was absolutely terrible and awkward."

American rapper Lil Wayne (Lil Wayne) also lost their virginity at 14.

Kelly Osbourne (Kelly Osbourne) was a woman in 13 years.

At the same time - 13 years - had his first sexual experience, Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) - a fan of his music group «The Flame».

And frontman «Red Hot Chili Peppers», Anthony Kiedis (Anthony Kiedis), they lost their virginity at 12 with a friend of his father. 

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