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Even before the premiere of the film "Malifisenta" to great acclaim. The reason for that - and participate in the project, Angelina Jolie, and ambiguous - a sinister and attractive at the same time - the image of the main character, who on the set so frightened the children that "children" episodes had to invite young daughter Jolie. Secrets that used directors, costume designers and makeup artists to create a masterpiece image of a witch - in this material. 
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"As a child I loved Maleficent. She was my favorite character of the universe Disney. I was afraid of her, but still loved. We decided to ask the question: "Why is it so?" I would like to see all of the audience felt that they were in a world that had never seen before - the world of Maleficent, "- said Angelina Jolie.
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The film's director Robert Stromberg set the task not to bring the film to fiction, Maleficent by Jolie was supposed to be a real character. Therefore, to start shooting, the team added a little unusual moves.
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"Angelina is very attentive not only to the fact that her character is feeling and thinking, but also to the way she looked.Together we were able to create an image that was somewhat different from the original cartoon, but at the same time was quite similar to the audience easily found in the character of Maleficent " - says Robert Stromberg.
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Costume for the heroine Angelina Jolie has developed designer Anna B. Sheppard, known for such projects as "Schindler's List" and "The Pianist". She also designed costumes for the characters living in different worlds: in the enchanted forest and the fairy kingdom. Getting Started, an Englishwoman has become more detailed study of European art (the advantage of French and Italian), and the animation of cartoon Maleficent mid XX century.
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"Lady, you will see in the film - is the very Maleficent. I used the same color palette that you see in classical animation. This - Maleficent from the animated film, only much prettier " - said Sheppard.
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Another task of the Sheppard, to make an image dark, it is perfectly successful.
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"We tried a lot of options. Initially it seemed that Maleficent costume is made ​​of moss and decorated air cape. Later we made ​​a suit of very dark material, which seemed very heavy and bulky. Gloom image added faux fur, leather and feathers. Accessories were performed to order by professional designers, " - says Sheppard.
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Rick Baker, a specialist in visual effects and make-up, designed for the heroine Angelina Jolie plastic lining on the face.
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"We stopped at several sets of pads on the cheeks and ears and, of course, on the horns. At first, we did outline overlays, and then fashioned Angelina head gypsum and manufactured all pad so she could approve one of the sets " - commented Rick Baker.
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Most had to work directly above the horns.
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"After many experiments, we stayed on the helmet, which is attached to the base of the horns. Horns fastened themselves with powerful magnets that held processes in place, even when moving the head. Between takes, the horns were removed "- said Baker.

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