Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mobile DJ MP3

The Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 is an inexpensive, well-conceived, wireless digital DJ package that's perfect for parties. The device consists of a pair of dials whcih simulate 2 simultaneously spinning records and a cross fader. To play music you must install the included software on a Windows PC or laptop and choose tracks over a wireless USB connection. The display shows the current song titles and you can change pitch and volume for individual tracks on the fly. The audio plays through whatever speakers are attached to the computer. There is a great big world of digital DJ equipment competing for the attention of both amateurs and professionals. The Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 is more of a trickle-down product that takes some of the most fun and intuitive parts of the professional DJ experience and translates them into a product aimed at people who just want a tool for DJing their own party.

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