Sunday, September 27, 2009

USB Turntable

Digital music is great but isn't it a pity you can't transfer your old records on to your computer? Well guess what?Now you can take your old records and bring them into the digital era! This great gadget is able to convert all of your old records to CDs, iPod, MP3 or any other digital files. All you need to do to record your records to CD is simply plug this one-of-a-kind three-speed (33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM) USB Turntable right into your PC.

This unique turntable allows you to convert your old vinyl collection directly to CD or MP3 quickly and easily. It plugs directly into your computer using the included USB cable. In addition, it comes complete with dustcover, and all cables are included.

It can also connect directly to your stereo receiver with the included RCA cables. All the necessary software comes with the turntable. In addition, not only can you convert your albums to MP3s or any other digital files, but the included software actually improves the quality of the recordings by eliminating some of the old pops, hisses and static they've acquired over the years. Finally, the tone arm returns to the armrest at the end of the record, just lik
e old times.

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