Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lovelies for the Weekend....

The Parade of Pretties continues...
Sarah Michelle... *sigh*
An awesome early shot of Louise Brooks!
(sorry about the crappy scan, best I could do from the source material.)

Sharon Stone photographed well, no doubt about it!

The exceedingly cute Crystal Bernard.

Tea' Leoni

"Must've been your Cherry Pie" - Humbert Humbert

Roseanna Arquette

And of course we HAD to have a Lana, to celebrate the long-awaited return of Joe Bloke!

As always, an ecclectic mix...

The always dazzling Clara Bow
Christina Applegate *sigh*

Julie Newmar *meow*

A beautiful shot of Linda Hamilton

The lovely Norma Shearer

Natalie Wood *more sighing*

A stunning Joan Crawford taken by George Hurrell

Joan Leslie, Warner's resident cutie!

Amazing Grace

One of my all-time fave Photos of the incredible Louise Brooks

More lovelies throughout the weekend...

The actress best known for her role as Carol Post, the pretty, shapely and ever-so-patient and understanding wife of Wilbur Post on "Mr. Ed" passed away today at age 78.
Mr Ed is one of my fave old shows. The innocence and silly fun of it all is something absolutely and completely lost on TV these days. The cast was excellent and I dont care who you are, after only a few minutes, you WILL believe Ed really talks!
Her role was a rather thankless one, considering she played second banana to a horse, but according to co-star Alan Young, she never complained and was thrilled when new audiences were re-discovering the show in later years.
After 5 years and 144 episodes the show went off the air but Young and Hines remained friends thereafter and were even reunited onstage in 1996 for a 2 person play called "Love Letters"

A page from the March 31st, 1962 issue of TV guide that featured Mr Ed on the cover. It's a bit ironic that just a few months ago Mr Ed's complete first season was released on DVD.
RIP Connie.
The Final installment of my tribute to the beautful and talented Ms. Parker
Eleanor looking very much the wholesome All-American girl in a publicity shot for Warner Bros "The Very Thought of You". In addition to her many film apearances Eleanor also did a bit of TV work, especially later on in her career. She worked in a wide range of shows, everything from an episode of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." to the pilot episode of "Fantasy Island".
Her last screen credit to date is a 1991 USA network movie called "Dead on the Money" which starred Corben Bernsen and Amanda Pays. I think I saw this when it aired but I dont think I knew who Eleanor Parker was at the time!
A vintage Lobby Card I have for "Chain Lightning" the only film Eleanor starred with Humphrey Bogart. Sadly, it is not a very good film and most of the cast spent their time looking anxiously to the sky waiting for something bad to happen to Bogie and his jets. You might recognize the guy in the brown hat on the left, that's Raymond Massey, who is probably best known as James Dean's father in "East of Eden". The guy standing on the right is character actor Roy Roberts who has almost 200 screen credits to his name. I remember him best as a ruthless mob boss in the noir masterpiece "Force of Evil" with John Garfield.
Eleanor with Glen Ford in a vintage Lobby card for the flm that would win her a 3rd and final Oscar nomination for best actress. "Interrupted Melody" was based on the true story of opera singer Marjorie Lawrence's rise to fame, her battle with polio and her eventual comeback. Eleanor, as always gave a convincing heartfelt performance but the oscar went to Anna Magnani for "The Rose Tattoo".
I just picked this up a couple of weeks ago, a 1947 issue of the French movie magazine "Cine Revue". I have always LOVED this picture of Eleanor and had only seen it one time as a vintage Warner bros publicity poster on ebay, so I was very happy to finally get this image in some form!
After scanning I had a little fun in Photoshop and colored it.
For those that have enjoyed this little tribute to Eleanor Parker but arent familiar with much or any of her work I highly recommend the following films:
"The Very Thought of You" (1944)
"Pride of the Marines" (1945)
"Voice of the Turtle" (1947)
"The Woman in White" (1948)
"Caged" (1950)
"Three Secrets" (1950)
"Detective Story" (1951)
"Scaramouche" (1952)
"Escape from Fort Bravo" (1953)
"Naked Jungle" (1954)
"Interrupted melody" (1955)
"Man with the Golden Arm" (1955)
"Lizzie" (1957)

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