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Confirmed relations
Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy
The history of relations of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy - one of the favorite themes of conspiracy theorists.
It is known that Marilyn Monroe met with presidential candidate of the Democrats in the mid-1960 on vacation at Lake Tahoe.At that time, according to the testimony of people close to the family, more like Marilyn did not John and his younger brother Robert.
Relationship with John they only began in October 1961, when he became president. This angered many, including the security services, who felt that the relationship with the "alcoholic" could threaten the security of the state. This novel was one of the most short-lived in the life of a film actress. Many believe he served as the real cause of her death. Monroe was found dead in his apartment Aug. 4, 1962.

Unconfirmed relationship

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy
Bruni and Sarkozy met in 2007, almost immediately Sarkozy divorced his wife, and a few months later he married Bruni. The wedding took place on 2 February 2008 at the Elysee Palace. This was the first wedding of the head during the French presidency. October 19, 2011 Carla Bruni gave birth to a daughter, Julia.
Julie Gayet and Francois Hollande
February 10 this year, tabloid Closer published an article about the novel Francois Hollande with actress Julie Gayet. The article was accompanied by compromising photographs that prove the appointment of the president with an actress. Hollande did not deny the affair, limiting statement that his marriage with a common-law wife, first lady of France, Valerie Trierveyler, going through hard times.
Through this article rating the most unpopular president of France for the last 70 years even increased. Hollande did not apply for a tabloid to court, but it did Julie Gayet, demanding Closer to 50 thousand euros.
Ann Penzho and Francois Mitterrand
Ann Penzho was almost official mistress of former French President Francois Mitterrand. Journalists and the public peace to this attitude, except when the president secretly press gave her a free apartment in the residence.
The public found out about it in 1995, came to power, Jacques Chirac. One of the first acts of the new president was the decision to evict Penzho and her daughter out of the Elysee Palace. Prior to this mailing address Penzho Elysee Palace was not mentioned, and therefore only street Quai Branly, which one of his wall comes residence.
After the death of former President Mitterrand family forbade Ann Penzho attend the funeral, but under pressure from the public was forced to let go. Penzho Ann and her daughter were present in all the official funeral ceremonies and funeral ex-president, which took place in a narrow family circle away from Paris. After the funeral, Ann Penzho worked in a Paris museum, living in a small apartment.
Graca Simbine and Nelson Mandela
Simbine Gras - the only woman in the world, which was able to visit the first lady of two different countries. Her first husband, Samora Machel - President of Mozambique, Simbine started in 1975, and their marriage lasted until 1986, while Machel died in a plane crash.
And on 31 August 1996, the President of South Africa Nelson Mandela admitted that Graca Machel has long been his mistress.In 1998, 52-year-old Simbine married 80-year-old Mandela.
Edwina Currie and John Major
In 1993, British Prime Minister John Major and an unknown Claire Latimer sued several tabloid, who called their lovers. But the media had no evidence, and the prime minister, who claimed that he was an exemplary family man, won a lawsuit. However, a few months later was that the journalists something was wrong: the mistress he really was, but not Miss Latimer, and Health Minister Edwina Currie.
Their relationship lasted for more than four years, although in public he came to her in a confrontation. For example, during the 1997 election, which the Conservatives lost, Major even applauded standing when the news reported that Curry has not passed in parliament in his district.
According to close associates, Major very irksome these relations. Curry was not in debt: she released a book of memoirs, in which Major described as a man, run hither her apartment in the same blue shorts and requires only to take a bath together.
Blanche Dapulzhe and Bob Hawke
Roman Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Blanche Dapulzhe writer began after Dapulzhe met a politician to write his biography. About the relationship knew the whole country, which is also known that Hawke have not lived with his wife. In a number of prominent lovers Dapulzhe stands alone as a couple is in compliance with formal standards.
Dapulzhe assumed the role of hostess at all formal and informal receptions, but they lived strictly separate. In the official international travel Hawke went alone, but if the couple went to rest, then for their own travel and accommodation paid Dapulzhe itself. During his political career Hawk thought that should not be distracted by personal matters, so the couple married only after Hawke resigned.
Terry Keane and Charles Haughey
One of the leaders of the Irish party, "Soldiers of Fortune," the former Prime Minister Charles Haughey for 27 years had an affair with a journalist Terry Keane. Both had families and children, but it did not stop them. Novel they did not advertise, but did not try to hide. Due to the fact that Terry Keane enjoyed respect among colleagues about their affair no one dared to write.
Information in the press appeared only after the couple broke up, and wrote about it myself Keane. She called Haughey "damn sexy", but said that would never have become his wife. Conservative Irish reacted calmly to the adventures of the former prime minister.
Alan Gagloyeva and Mikheil Saakashvili
Former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, according to rumors, had a relationship with his former press secretary Alana Gagloyeva. How evil tongues say, she got pregnant at the same time with his wife Saakashvili, Sandra Rullovs. To hide an illegitimate child, Saakashvili tried to give pregnant girlfriend for governor Shido-Kartli Mikheil Kareli, but she refused, and as a result she was sent to live in a small town. After the birth of her son Saakashvili talks about his novels ended.
Vera Baker and Barack Obama
Former driver Barack Obama said that the President at least once cheated on his wife. According to him, in 2004, then-candidate for senator from Illinois met his 29-year-old assistant, Vera Baker, who helped him raise money for the campaign.The driver also said that when found out about it, Michelle Obama, it made every effort to separate the pair. Who is Vera Baker is working on the channel in Martinique.
Galina Kolonittskaya and Muammar Gaddafi
WikiLeaks once wrote about that Muammar Gaddafi had an affair with 38-year-old nurse Galina Kolonittskoy. According to the website, that she was the mistress of the main Libyan dictator Gaddafi could not do without it in any trip. Family Kolonittskoy denies intimacy, saying that the woman with the dictator were just very trusting relationship.
Abelskaya Irina and Alexander Lukashenko
The attending physician Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko - Irina Abelskaya considered one of the most influential women in Belarusian politics. In 2001, she became the chief physician of the hospital in the Office of Presidential Affairs, and her mother, Lyudmila Postoyalko, became Minister of Health.
Lukashenko even publicly insulted his sultana, but among its officials is considered one of the few women capable of influencing the president. In 2004 Abelskaya bore a son, fatherhood is credited to Alexander Lukashenko.
Alina Kabaeva and Putin
Several media outlets, including foreign ones, wrote that Vladimir Putin was (or is) an affair with a Russian gymnast and Duma deputy Alina Kabaeva. They even credited children together: Kabaeva allegedly gave birth to two and lives in his Sochi residence Bocharov Stream. However, these rumors have not been confirmed.
Viktor Yanukovych and women
Viktor Yanukovych novels credited with at least two women. First - 25-year-old journalist Alain Bereza (pictured right) came from an online publication in the presidential pool and accompanied Yanukovych on trips to Russia and the European Union.Second - Olena Lukash, who, working in the usual lawyer could become overnight Deputy Minister.

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