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When told of the horrors on the set, usually mean poorly planned work actor's squabbles or technical problems. But sometimes there are stories worthy of becoming thrillers themselves. For example: 1. Eraserhead


The film "Eraserhead" - the story of an ordinary loser named Henry Spencer, who was plagued by strange visions, and who is born is even more strange child, only remotely resembling human. Directed by David Lynch refused to admit where he got this "mutant", and in general forbidden to talk about it. However, given the budget of the film, the appearance of "child", the structure of the skin and the fact that his eyes being closed vertically, the main version is that it is conserved embryo calf.


The assumption that Lynch had planted a corpse on a wire frame to "revive" it seems quite plausible, if you know, for example, a stunt director once threw just for fun: Lynch asked the vet to bring him dead cat (promising that in the film she appears ), opened it, threw it into the pit with the resin and left there for a year, after which they began to shoot the scene where the shoes Henry clung to the wire tied to a dead cat. 2. Skippy


The film "Skippy" was a candidate for the "Best Film" in 1931. In the film there is a scene where the boy starring Jackie Cooper had to scream and cry. Directed by Norman pictures Thorog decided that for the scene he needs genuine emotions.He asked the assistant to take the dog out of the gate Cooper studio and pretend to shoot her. Although immediately after the shooting showed the child a dog - alive and well, and Cooper eventually nominated for "Best Actor", this event has made ​​it such a lasting impression that many years later, he called his autobiography, "Please do not shoot my dog!" 3. Alien creepy scene where from an exploding human breast appears disgusting creature, remember everything. But far more terrible story of artist Hans Rudi Giger told writer Dan O'Bannon. According to him, to create a head Alien Giger used real human skull, bought in India. Not only that: the teeth on the turtles, which worked Giger, were very similar to children. 4. Aggire, the wrath of God most famous story associated with the filming of this movie - how the actor Klaus Kinski decided to leave the heavy project and director Werner Herzog just sent him a rifle and forced to continue to act. However, in his autobiography Kinski insisted that was the only who was holding a gun: once during the night shooting, he began firing into the darkness (he did not like the extras too noisy) and accidentally shot off his finger on the hand of one of the participants extras. Kinski generally known cool character. It is said that he almost killed a statistician, striking him on the head with a sword during filming. The impact was strong enough to cut the head and if it were not strong helmet, the tragedy would not have been avoided. And the last, most terrible story about this film: one appears in the frame of corpses - the present. Herzog said that his brother was to take the corpse from Europe to the set. That it is not damaged in the luggage compartment, the brother took him into the cabin and sat next to him the entire flight. 5. End of Evangelion during the creation of this anime in 1997, about the end of the world, there was a lot of the countries. For example, the actor voiced the main character, suddenly began torturing hallucinations - a lot of disjointed images, among which often gets letters and children's drawings. And then it turned out that the authorship of similar drawings belonged to children of survivors that they reflect real events and pain.And letters also exist in reality. They contained death threats against the director Hideaki Anno pictures from fans who are unhappy with the idea of making a feature film of the series. To top it off, one of the leading actresses of dubbing nearly strangled another actress, because that's what was happening in the scene. 6. The Last House on the Left It was a debut film Wes Craven, and he confessed that during the filming sometimes go too far. For example, to achieve a real fear of Sandra Cassel, her partner Mark Schaeffer somehow grabbed the actress and held over a cliff, threatening to throw, if it does not win back the next scene as it should. Later, in a scene of rape, David Hess offers a truly raped actress for a more realistic picture. Hess himself, too, had experienced a genuine horror: the actor who played the character of his father, quite seriously threatened him with a chainsaw, which was in a completely working condition and was used without any precautions. The situation is aggravated and the scene where the actors really beat each other. 7. Black Sun 731 In 1986, the Hong Kong director Tun Fei Mou made ​​a film about torture and experiments on human beings, which took place during the Second World War. In order to convey the horror of the events in the film included a scene of burning rats, with this was done for real. But it is much worse than a scene in which a child who died of radiation put on the table for dissection. It was a real child, who died shortly before the shooting. It is no wonder that this film is often described as one of the most terrifying movies ever. 8.Dau The film Ilya Hrzhanovskogo "Dow" developed in Soviet Russia. Actors and the whole crew had to wear clothes of the period; they were not allowed to carry cell phones and other trappings of modernity; products that were brought to the crew were to be packed, as at that time; all documents - just typed. Anyone who has ever mentioned aspects of the modern world, or leave the shooting area without permission, fined. Some participants in the shooting process, recalling the work on this film, spoke of it as a "prison experiment."

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