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Large policy - the same people and, like all subject to human frailties. Including on the love front. Whether they are like everyone else, no one would be interested in the adventures of "left" great world. And so, probably for a long time will not disappear any interest to them or to their Passo ... 

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni

Meeting this sweet couple was held in 2007. Seen love so covered the French president, that he divorced his wife and almost immediately married his beloved, namely in 2008. And in 2011, at the loving couple appeared heiress Julia. Not all love affairs, especially presidents, so beautifully finished.

Francois Hollande and Julie Gayet

On the love front, and the other distinguished President of France - Francois Hollande. About damaging his relationship with actress solemnly proclaimed tabloid Closer. "For the people" were laid out all the compromising flogged, appearance, photographs, from which a high-ranking person could not disown. Oddly enough, it raised its ratings. But Julie Gayet offended and sued for the information on the tabloid demanding 50,000 euros. She won a court or not, history is silent. Francois Mitterrand and Anne Penzho Apparently, loving French ahead of the rest on the part of adultery. Francois Mitterrand and especially not hide his mistress from the public, which is easy on the weaknesses of their president. However, when Mitterrand highlighted his passions free apartment in a private residence, the public did not like it. And when the power was already Jacques Chirac, his first decree was eviction from the Elysee Palace Penzho Ann and her daughter. Family banned Mitterrand attend the funeral of a former lover. But then again climbed the public, and the family had to give up. Therefore Penzho with her ​​daughter attended the funeral ceremonies of the ex-president. After that the woman lived in a small apartment and worked in the Paris Museum. Nelson Mandela and Graca Simbine Graca Simbine - unique in its kind woman.She's the one who was the first lady of the two states. In 1975 she made ​​her first marriage with Mozambican President Samora Machel. After 11 years, the president was killed in a car crash. And after 10 years of Nelson Mandela - South African President made ​​a stunning confession. Turns out he's a long time maintained an affair with the former first lady of Mozambique. In 1988 the couple were married. She was 52 years old, he - 80 years. Love for all ages! John Major and Edwina Currie affair British Prime Minister with some Claire Latimer announced several publications in 1993. In righteous anger Major filed for these publications to the court, which was brilliantly won because magazines failed to provide any evidence of this defamatory communication. But too early to Prime Minister celebrated his victory. He really had a mistress, but the other - Edwin Kari, Minister of Health. This relationship continued for 4 years, and were not as rosy as it should be at lovers. John Major allowed himself to ridicule privselyudno subordinate. The same, in turn, was not in debt, and wrote a book about the relationship. The reader was pleased to learn the intimate details of the Prime Minister. Instead, they saw the state of her husband guy in blue shorts, run hither apartment Curry. As you can see, not all links are created equal. Bob Hawke and Blanche Dapulzhe Writer B. Dapulzhe first was a biography of Bob Hawke - Prime Minister of Australia. Writing a biography turned into a love relationship. While Hawk has not lived with his wife. Rumor has it that the writer was not alone in this role. However, it took over the formal standards: hostess, official receptions and so on. D. Still, the couple lived separately. Even in international travel Blanche did not accompany her lover. And if the case of a joint vacation, it pays for itself very own. This behavior is explained by the fact that the Prime Minister wanted to devote most of the time only state activities. So when he retired, a couple things will never stop getting married. Charles Haughey and Terry KeaneDistinguished in disreputable ties and Irish Prime Minister Charles Haughey, who concurrently also headed the party "Soldiers of Fortune." His affair with a journalist Quinn broke all records for the duration. As many as 27 years old murder will be hidden.But for the sake of respect for Hogg diplomatically glossed over their romance public. It was only as the lovers parted, she Terry wrote about their relationship. Despite the fact that she called Charles "damn sexy", former lover did not want to become his wife. Why? It is already known to her alone, apparently a "good." John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe Well, this most famous novel, one of the most famous people of the 20th century did not discuss just lazy. Meeting this couple happened at Lake Tahoe in 1960, when John was still a presidential candidate. Although Monroe is more like a younger brother, John, Robert. And in 1961, when Kennedy became president, he and Monroe and suffered this novel, which does not fall silent until now. It is known that in America very blyudut decorum, so this fact has led many to righteous indignation.Despite the fact that it was the shortest love story in the life of a film star, he became not only the most talked-about, but it was fatal to herself. The death of Marilyn Monroe in 1962, though shrouded in mystery, but it is still associated with the name of a famous actress lover.

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