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In today's world, women may have to conduct a real battle in his career, as competing with other women and with men. This courageous business woman sex discrimination is not terrible: they have made huge strides in his work, becoming famous and influential tycoons in the world of big money.


1 Marissa Mayer (Yahoo)

10 of the most influential contemporary business woman

Does anyone of you know that a certain part of the revolutionary search technology originated in the female mind? Marissa Mayer worked in Google engineer, and has been closely involved in the development of such things as Google Maps and Google Earth. But she never forgot about his original goal: to become the CEO of Yahoo, moreover the youngest CEO in history. What is going on with this company now, you ask? Marissa could have saved from bankruptcy by a dying brand, acquiring Thumbr for $ 1.1 billion, thereby forcing falling incomes Yahoo to grow. In just 14 months after Marissa became the director of Yahoo, the company has doubled the cost. Now subordinate Marissa more than 12,000 people, the company earns more than $ 4 billion annually, and the total net income of the company is $ 1 billion.



2 Heather Brescia (Mylan)

10 of the most influential contemporary business woman

Heather Brescia began its journey to the post of head of Mylan from the bottom, her first job was a simple medical receptionist at our company. This work helped her to get her father, Sen. Joe Manchin. With his intelligence and a few "know-how" Heather without any outside help to get to the top of the career ladder. Phenomenal financial growth of the company was largely the result of her efforts. Since 2012, the year when Heather took over as CEO, the company's revenues increased by 25%, and the network of branches of the company around the world has grown significantly. Career lesson: humble beginnings and a resounding success is not always mutually exclusive. Now the company Heather earns more than 6 mrad $ annually, the net cumulative revenues of $ 600 million. It should also be mentioned that the company is working Heather 22,000 people worldwide.


Laura September 3 (BJ's Wholesale Club)

10 of the most influential contemporary business woman

Laura Sen, of course, was part of the team while working chairman of the board of BJ's Wholesale Club. She was also vice president there for 14 years. But then she was out of work. This happened after the company structure has changed in the year 2002. But everything in the world is changing, and soon a new chairman Herb Zarkin desperate to come in September, and asked her to come back. Two years later, in September became the president of the company. As head of BJ's Wholesale Club she was able to achieve a lot. The company has opened more than 180 new stores, and total annual revenues exceeded $ 10 billion.


4 Beth Mooney (KeyCorp)

10 of the most influential contemporary business woman

Beth Mooney is not only the best financial company in Cleveland, whose assets are $ 90 billion. Thanks to her work the company does not become bankrupt. After a long fall into a financial abyss in 2008, the company KeyCorp in 2013, the year has finally been able to return to their previous level of income, and repaid his debt to $ 2.5 billion. Mooney now plans to open 40 new branches, moreover it will happen in the coming years. All this is a clear sign of progress after a long period of failure. And yet it is living proof that a woman in business can perfectly follow the rule "never back down, never give up", even if trouble looms on the horizon. As of 2014, the year the company thanks to Beth Mooney annually receives more than $ 4.4 billion of revenue.


5 Denise Wilson (Desert Jet)

10 of the most influential contemporary business woman

Denise Wilson began as a pilot, but then changed careers and moved on to the business side of aviation. She founded the company Desert Jet in 2007, at a time when many airlines were enormous difficulties associated with the terrorist attacks of 11 September. All these years after her closely monitored, and the company's revenue grew by 3,751%. An impressive fact is that the company she founded, together with two other pilots, and later took a job yet eight. As a result, they began to make 20 flights a week instead of 2 To date, Desert Jet is a full service aviation company, offering all its customers a handbook written all about how to buy private aircraft, and how to use them to make money.


6 Denise Morrison (Campbell Soup)

10 of the most influential contemporary business woman

When Denise Morrison became the head of Campbell Soup, together with the company she got a big problem. The company approached the inevitable restructuring, many employees were laid off, plus all operations in Russia were suspended.However, the restructuring plans were still made, customers met them with enthusiasm, in response to increased demand for new snacks, energy drinks based on vegetable raw materials, and other tradable goods. Moreover, thanks to Morrison, the company expanded its presence in Asia and Latin America. By the beginning of 2014, the company's revenue rose to $ 2.28 billion, which was higher than the projected $ 2.27 billion. Now under the direction of Morrison employs approximately 17,000 people worldwide.


7 Ursula M. Burns (Xerox)

10 of the most influential contemporary business woman

Ursula Burns made history as the first African-American to head the company Fortune 500. And from 2009, she became CEO of Xerox. She took lagging in financial terms the company and turned it into a productive and profitable. It was decided to gradually reach annual revenues of $ 500 billion, to focus on their services, copy, and backup technologies. In addition, it has been the curator of Burns Xerox expansion into European markets. Under her leadership, the company has already started to yield $ 20 billion in net income annually. Currently, the company employs 146,000 people worldwide.


8 Give Valley (Marvell Technology)

10 of the most influential contemporary business woman

Give Valley may well be called the first "woman of high-tech leader," since she began her career in 1995, as one of the founders of Marvell Technology, the company that produces semiconductor devices, and went down in history as the first woman who has reached such a high office. Since then, the company is a leader in the semiconductor industry, its annual income is $ 3 billion, and it has been observed for three years. At the moment, Dai is the president of the company, and under her leadership, has more than 7,500 employees worldwide. The company's headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California. Give the hard work has brought her and several large awards. In 2012, she became the first woman to make a presentation in an engineering college at Berkeley. This college for over 140 years. In addition, Forbes magazine included it in its list of the "100 most influential women in the world," and Newsweek included it in a list titled "150 women who shook the world."


Indra Nooyi 9 (PepsiCo)

10 of the most influential contemporary business woman

Indra Nooyi is the chief executive officer of PepsiCo. Under her control the company recovered from huge losses, and was able to raise the level of income to $ 20.1 billion for the quarter. This success has enabled the company's shareholders to receive significantly more money. Nooyi efforts are also visible and in the promotion of the brand due to the acquisition of other companies due to mergers with other companies, and at the expense of access to the international level. In 2013, Indra was able to provide your company the total net profit of $ 6.6 billion, and the total profit reached the mark of $ 66 billion. Total assets of the company is $ 77 billion, and the amount of the authorized capital of $ 24 billion. So this incredible woman was able to create jobs for thousands of people. They work in the company 278000. Pretty serious figure, right? But we're not done yet. For their incredibly hard work Indra receives a salary of $ 18 million per year.


10 Virginia M. Rometta (IBM)

10 of the most influential contemporary business woman

In 2011, Virginia Rometta became CEO of IBM, and immediately decided to review the direction of the company. She decided to concentrate on helping various companies to streamline manufacturing operations, and no longer only focus on the production of hardware and software. In the list of the most influential women leaders presented at, Rometta is on 25 place. But it is not so important. Much more important is that under her leadership, the 105-year-old company earned last year $ 104 billion. Thus, IBM still makes more money than Google, or Yahoo.

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