Friday, September 19, 2014


It is believed that celebrities are often attractive and beautiful. But not for long. Some of them have transformed themselves influence hellish mixture of recent years, drug and cosmetic surgeons. Now, those who worshiped in Hollywood, if they are lucky, will find his name on the guest list for an important event.

Keith Richards is one of the founders of the Rolling Stones and still plays guitar, despite his advanced age. It's really a miracle that he still stands, given its long history of smoking and substance abuse.

Lindsay Lohan for many years it was popular hot stuff in Hollywood, but the problems of the family and her wild antics all changed. Since 2005, Lohan rapidly gone from Disney Princess questionable virgins. She started smoking, drinking and using drugs, which ultimately led to the rehabilitation of many courses, destroying her career. Although now she is only 30 years old, but looks like a lady 50. 3 famous actor Mickey Rourke is a very talented man, but certainly not a young pepper what it was. Professional boxing has helped to build the perfect body, but did not improve his face. 4 Janice Dickinson is now an expert in the field of fashion and beauty expert, that sounds a bit ironic. Youth and freshness at the time helped her to achieve fame in Europe and the United States. Unfortunately, due to congestion, had indigestion plus often applied to the bottle. As a result, the former model began to look much older, and therefore was forced to resort to plastic surgery.Extensive medical intervention has not produced the desired results, and now Janice looks like a witch. 5 Initially, Haley Joel Osment gained fame for his roles in "Bogus", "The Sixth Sense" and "Pay It Forward". As a child, he was a very nice boy, but with age has changed. Another story of the most beautiful people in Hollywood has become so absurd that it becomes clear why th career went to the bottom. 6 Melanie Griffith has never been a perfect beauty, but she seemed much more attractive at a young age. The actress has appeared in many films, often playing character roles, and even won the "Golden Globe" for his role in the movie "Working Girl." Currently Griffith rarely appears in public without a thick layer of makeup.Excessive dependence on plastic surgery and drugs, as well as a load of cheating husband led to a form. 7 actress Ellen Barkin gave her face a plastic surgeon but nothing sensible came of it. 8 Actor Mark Hamill has gained weight, so you can only guess what awaits us in the new series of "Star Wars." 9. Teri Hatcher looks less and less attractive. Botox Teri pricked for many years, but now abandoned injection. The result has led to a strange expression on his face when some parts are constantly stretched, while others are covered with wrinkles. 10 Courtney Love has always been a disaster. She was an incredibly beautiful woman, but has done everything to destroy his life, his beautiful body siphon drugs and alcohol. Although Courtney has recently slowed down a little and. 11 It is difficult to imagine that this is the same guy who once played Batman. Val Kilmer really went out, probably, it happened because he did not have major roles in films for nearly a decade .12 We are talking about plastic surgery disasters! Joan Van Ark appeared on the series and TV shows did not long ago, but now she be lucky if he can find some kind of a job. Joan did not want to go to age with dignity, and now his strange lips, nose and eyes lead to shock. Her view is now more suitable for a horror movie than a major role as an actress. 13.Akter Nick Nolte was once named the sexiest man, but today the situation has changed and it looks terrible for her age, it is impossible not to realize how disastrous quickly changed his view. John Travolta 14 15 Oh, Axel ! Favorite of millions of girls around the world!

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