Sunday, November 9, 2014


I have in mind the day to keep,
When I saw you for the first time.
And in case I thank
For those golden moments.
Great was the dance.
And grace was, and to become.
The surface of the floor, like a gloss.
And my feelings do not convey.
Ballroom dancing

 Ballroom dancing
Shuttlecocks dresses in chic splendor
gone to my head.
And the passion of movement, right up to screaming!
I am the soul of dance.
I will certainly fulfill
That dance that pierced by an arrow.
And music filled the heart,
such a wonderful, unearthly.
Let something can not
I in a ball complex trades.
Master the art of dance
and will dance in a dream.
I'm learning to move smoothly,
and listen to the rhythm of the heart.
And I'm getting bolder,
And maybe get another ...
Patience in this matter is important.
Patience and hard work.
In order not to become suddenly paper
dreams that live here.
That finally came that evening.
soffits stars lit up.
Oh, dance, thou great and eternal!
And our souls entwined in it.
Lights dimmed on the dance floor,
Parquet sparkles and beckons.
Well I do not have to wait for urine Bole!
Just dance my ardor cool.
And a pair in the color black and red
under the gaze of strict jury
circled in the dance so beautifully.
And everything is compressed inside.
Grace, caprice Movements
and eyes burning green eyes.
chiseled heels slip.
Let say anything!
And in the world of music and dance
Fate gave me a chance again.
push the my space.
And I'm ready to take the challenge.
Reality is somewhere in reserve.
We do not need to consider steps.
We fulfill our tango
to the rhythm of two hearts inside.
© 07.03.2012 Natalia Cuckoo


photo from here

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